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2011-03-15 Cole Robinson REPOSITORY HAS MOVED TO tip
2011-03-09 Cole Robinson util: Fix xen prefix in randomMAC
2011-03-09 Cole Robinson clitest: Aggregate all test errors
2011-03-09 Cole Robinson support: Add infrastructure for RHEL6 feature support
2011-03-08 Cole Robinson virt-install: Tweak --graphics spice,... help example
2011-03-08 Cole Robinson clitest: Add a compare test for multiple disk params
2011-03-08 Cole Robinson VirtualDisk: Fix possible error using pool source as disk path
2011-03-08 Cole Robinson Disable failing test now that we properly raise storage errors
2011-03-08 Cole Robinson virt-install: Fix another --print-step typo
2011-03-08 Cole Robinson osdict: Add Fedora15 option
2011-03-08 Cole Robinson Storage: Maintain list of creatable file formats
2011-03-08 Cole Robinson Storage: Raise errors for failed volume creation
2011-03-08 Cole Robinson virt-install: Support --disk ...,io=threads|native
2011-03-08 Cole Robinson VirtualDisk: Fix creating a local disk image (and test it)
2011-03-08 Cole Robinson Graphics: Set autoport='no' if any port is manually specified
2011-03-07 Marc Deslauriers Added new Ubuntu releases
2011-03-02 Cole Robinson tests: virtconv: Add some virt-image export tests
2011-03-02 Cole Robinson virtconf: virtimage: Export storage format correctly
2011-03-02 Cole Robinson virtconv: virt-image: actually parse guest architecture
2011-03-02 Cole Robinson virtconv: Clean up generated virt-image XML
2011-03-02 Cole Robinson testcli: Make sure virt-convert tests are reproducible
2011-03-01 Cole Robinson support: Add a check for spice graphics support
2011-03-01 Cole Robinson clitest: Add a virt-convert output comparison test
2011-03-01 Cole Robinson Features: Fix XML parsing using dictionary syntax
2011-03-01 Cole Robinson virt-install: s/xml-step/print-step/sg
2011-03-01 Cole Robinson virt-convert: Fix bogus output
2011-03-01 Cole Robinson support: Add a check for ICH6 support
2011-03-01 Cole Robinson VirtualAudio: Add ich6 sound model
2011-02-11 Cole Robinson tests: Make sure xmlparse doesn't depend on host bridge configuration
2011-02-10 Cole Robinson tests: Make CPU test less strict to handle newer cpu_map.xml
2011-02-09 Cole Robinson virt-install: Fix --check-cpu message with newstyle --vcpus
2011-01-16 raven l10n: Updates to Polish (pl) translation
2011-01-16 warrink l10n: Updates to Dutch (Flemish) (nl) translation
2011-01-14 Cole Robinson Added tag virtinst-0_500_5 for changeset 46c7f5fba11b
2011-01-14 Cole Robinson Regenerate man pagesvirtinst-0_500_5
2011-01-14 Cole Robinson Added tag virtinst-0_500_5 for changeset 5c0257ba7735
2011-01-14 Cole Robinson Prep for release
2011-01-14 Cole Robinson Fix previous commit
2011-01-14 Cole Robinson DistroInstaller: rerunning install should refetch URL
2011-01-14 Cole Robinson VirtualGraphics: Parse pending vnc socket attribute
2011-01-14 Cole Robinson VirtualGraphics: Refactor XML building
2011-01-07 Cole Robinson virt-install: Fix passwordvalidto, add docs
2011-01-07 Marc-André Lureau graphics: add passwdValidTo attribute
2011-01-07 Marc-André Lureau graphics: tls port should be -1 when undefined
2010-12-17 Cole Robinson virt-clone: Add --print-xml option
2010-12-17 Cole Robinson Remove possible infinite loops generating MAC/UUID
2010-12-17 Cole Robinson clitest: Have fake virtinst URI set a repeatable UUID
2010-12-14 Cole Robinson virt-install: Fix chardev variable naming to match VirtualCharDevice
2010-12-14 Cole Robinson virt-install: Error for invalid option --console virtio
2010-12-16 Cole Robinson capabilities: Parse libvirt's cpu_map.xml file
2010-12-16 Cole Robinson virt-install: --cpu host shouldn't copy topology
2010-12-16 Cole Robinson virt-*: Add --quiet option
2010-12-16 Cole Robinson Controller: Add method for pretty printing device type
2010-12-16 Cole Robinson VirtualGraphics: Don't bail if parsing dev with no port
2010-12-16 Cole Robinson clitest: Test xml output of virt-image --print
2010-12-15 Cole Robinson Installer: If disk attached, always specify <boot dev='hd'/> during install
2010-12-15 Cole Robinson VirtualDisk: Fix setting driver vals if changing media w/ parsing
2010-12-15 Cole Robinson Installer: Make has_install_phase canonical
2010-12-15 Cole Robinson virt-install: Touch up some printed messages
2010-12-15 Cole Robinson virt-install: Make sure we launch a console for import/livecd